Lauren Rioux

  • Performer
  • Educator
  • Clinician

“She plays with thoughtful purpose, stringing together notes and ideas in order to effect a feeling in her listeners, uniting musicians and audience for a communal experience of joy.”

— Brittany Haas

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Lauren Rioux is enthusiastically sought out for her teaching expertise and leads classes and workshops across the globe. In her private studio, she teaches a delightfully rowdy group of over thirty violinists, violists, and fiddlers. Her online learning community provides students the world over with access to her innovative curriculum and inimitable teaching style.

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Lauren’s Online Fiddle Curriculum

Lauren has spent years teaching beginners and skilled players alike to become better musicians. Her unique approach to learning is now available online.

If you’re…

  • A fiddler who wants to learn more about playing good back up and improvising,

  • A classical violinist who wants to play by ear and sound authentic,

  • or a brand new beginner…

These lessons are set up for every student to be successful.

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